Arcfall fleshes out its sandbox world, hopes for a 2020 launch


It has been two years since the old school-flavored Arcfall entered early access on Steam… and two years later, it still sits in early access alpha still. That doesn’t mean the Ultima Online-inspired MMORPG has been sitting still; the community reports that the dev team is “very active” in building up this title.

So what has Arcfall been up to since 2018? The title is up to Pre-Alpha 6.0, having added a cave zone, an Easter event, more quests, Valentines treats, a new death system, a Christmas event, player-instanced islands, mounts, a Halloween event, the Oceano region, content up to level 60, a repair system, the Sundusk zone, and loads of balancing, optimization, and bug fixes.

In December of last year, the developers reported that “we have made some great progress this past year and looking forward to full release of Arcfall next year.”

Arcfall is free-to-play on Steam and is sitting on “mixed” reviews from the playerbase.

Source: Steam

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an Easter event
Valentines treats
a Christmas event
a Halloween event



I have no idea why I never tried this. Giving it a shot today.


Yeah I think I’ll reinstall it to. I last played it a year ago I did put in 13 hours but I don’t think here was a lot to do back then, time to see what they added I guess.