Champions Online is invaded by nightmares and celebrating raptors


Open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk with a dinosaur in Champions Online. For those of you who wish to live by this simple yet beautiful philosophy, you have some big options as the game has brought the Raptor Sidekick, the Raptor Action Figure, and the Raptor Feet to the game’s cash shop in a single bundle. That’s a lot of raptor in one place. And it’ll go well with the game’s current event, in which nightmares are invading the city and you need to stop them before everyone dies.

That one is more pressing, huh? All the dinosaur jokes buried the lede.

Yes, the Nightmare Invasion is on until June 4th, so gather up a team of at least three heroes at level 10 (but more and higher is good) and get ready to smash the heck out of nightmarish creatures invading the reality of Millennium City. Success can earn you new costume options like the Spiked Helmet and Feather Helmet, so you can look nightmarish yourself as you fight back against some bad dreams.

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