Darkest Dungeon’s Butcher’s Circus DLC and PvP mode are live for bloodthirsty fun


Darkest Dungeon is generally not a game we’d cover here on MOP, since it’s been a single-player RPG for most of its long life. That ended this week, however, when the Red Hook Studios title added a PvP mode in the form of The Butcher’s Circus DLC.

“We are adding a whole new sub-hamlet screen, The Circus! You can easily switch between the Circus and Hamlet screens much like you do when going to select your next quest. Once in the Circus you can choose to challenge a friend, visit the prize booth to see what rewards are next for your progression, or enter the main tent and join the matchmaking queue to face off against other players. The party select screen […] allows you to quickly select and kit out your party. An important note: the heroes you use to enter the ring are not the ones you have on your roster in the Hamlet. You can experiment and try out PvP parties without fearing the loss of Dismas or Reynauld as they attempt to assault the Darkest Dungeon! Going to the Circus is no risk for your campaign. The Butcher’s Circus will have its own version of skills, class balances, and other various combat mechanical changes that are separate from Darkest Dungeon’s main campaign. Those changes do not extend into the single player game.”

Not coincidentally, Darkest Dungeon is dirt cheap on Steam right now: just over 6 bucks, plus another tenner for the big bundle of older DLC if you want it. The Butcher’s Circus itself is a fully free update to the base game: “All rewards are gated behind player progression, pure and simple. No pay to win, no pay for visuals.” It’s also running a proper anti-cheat service and providing bots for when enemy players aren’t available.

Source: Steam

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Getting my ass handed to me by the AI was quite enough, thanks.


This is such a weird update so late in its life cycle. I checked out of this game once they announced the sequel, and that seemed like ages ago.


I was really interested in this game back in beta. In fact I got it based on seeing a preview / impressions video by Total Biscuit. I *stopped* being interested when they added heart attacks and corpse piles, and haven’t played it since.

Normally I’d probably say something about how much I dislike PVP and would probably quit if it affects single player at all, blah blah no one cares. Since I already not playing it though, I can’t really play it less than that.

Bruno Brito

It’s to keep players interested in it while they work on DD2.