Glitch revival Eleven has apparently been undergoing stress testing this spring


Fans of the whimsical Glitch had high hopes that one of the two revival projects might come to fruition in the years that followed the MMO’s 2012 shutdown. They had even higher hopes after Children of Ur and Eleven joined forces last year under the latter’s name. MMO players will recall that in August 2019, the dev team was encouraging fans to sign up for the alpha test. “We are human. We are Glitchen. We are doing everything we can to prevent this game from dying completely. The blending of the two teams will only make us stronger. When the doors open, they will be open to all,” the team said.

The merged team’s Twitter and YouTube accounts have been silent since then, but the developers and fans are still congregating on the forums and work does appear to be continuing, albeit slowly. This past spring, devs began letting new players into the alpha and responded to fans wondering about the state of the game once Flash is officially dead at the end of 2020.

“We do have plans to create a web-based client, but as the project is purely made up of volunteers, it will likely take some time before this happens. An important thing to note here is that while Flash would no longer be supported by browsers, other options do exist to create standalone applications for Eleven (e.g. Electron).”

Our favorite might be the Glitch Zoom backgrounds.

Source: Eleven

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