OrbusVR plans summer events, treasure hunting, and economy tweaks for the rest of 2020


With OrbusVR’s recent mini story pack behind it, the devs are moving on to the content coming for the rest of 2020, starting with the summer festivities.

“Warmer weather means fishing season in Patreayl! Help the residents of Highsteppe prepare for the colder winter months by lending a hand to a few fishing-related tasks. Summer will see the return of the original OrbusVR: Reborn terrain, plus the introduction of a few new enemies. Summer Fest will dovetail with another event launching at the end of June: Explore the Realm, a collaborative community event that will run for several months. Each week you’ll receive a list monsters to kill and harvestables to gather to meet both personal and server-wide goals to unlock cool rewards.”

The team is likewise working on treasure hunting and climbing in the overland zones by the end of summer, with fall being focused on building out the Citadel Raid and multiple economy tweaks, including server-wide boosts, gear repair costs, new dram shop items, and “higher-priced onetime use items.” Plus, there’s a new floating island on the way as an exploration goal for the server.


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