Path of Exile patches in a new renderer and shares some Delirium League unique item stats

Path of Exile patches in a new renderer and shares some Delirium League unique item stats
Grinding Gear Games is hoping to make Path of Exile look pretty and run smoothly at the same time. The most recent patch has introduced the beta version of its Vulkan renderer, which should make better use of multi-core CPUs to limit framerate spikes due to graphical loading when compared with DirectX 11.

“The Vulkan renderer will not magically make your graphics card perform better than it previously did, but it will make performance a lot more consistent. This means that your peak frame rate will not increase, but you won’t have anywhere near as many unpredictable spikes that were making the game feel stuttery and reducing average frame rate. Basically, this new renderer gives us complete control over how resources are managed, so we can tune it for Path of Exile’s exact requirements.”

It should be reiterated that this new renderer is in a beta state — there may be issues with it, and GGG even admits that it’s slower than DX11 for many machines at the moment. That said, the devs hope to have this new renderer refined and more useful for players come patch 3.11. Speaking of patches, the next patch has some preview patch notes of bug fixes due to the game soon.

In other Path of Exile news, there’s yet another load of stats shared by the devs, this time focused on the most popular unique items. The stats break down these item usage across all levels as well as in the level 70 – 90 range. If you love stats like GGG does, the post will likely be interesting.

source: official forums (1, 2, 3)

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Early tests by some streamers seem to indicate massive improvements when a lot is happening on screen. Considering this is just a beta, this bodes very well for POE2 and something the entire community is extremely happy about!