Lord of the Rings Online confirms Summer Festival and Farmer’s Faire for August


For those Lord of the Rings Online players who work their free time in-game around events, there’s been an asterisk on the game’s Summer Festival, especially considering that the wedding of Aragorn and Arwen was looming. We now have a tentative date for the event: Thursday, August 20th, through Monday, September 7th.

The Summer Festival will run parallel with the Farmer’s Faire, which means either double the festivities or double the aggravation in getting all of those event quests cleared, depending on your point of view. Considering that players of LOTRO can also net themselves a whole bunch of previously paid for quest content for free, having an abundance of things to do is a comfortable problem.

“Quick Update: The Summer Festival has been rescheduled, and will run at the same time as the Farmer’s Faire. The timing will be: 8/20/20@10am Eastern to 9/7/20@3am eastern. Exact timing subject to change, but that’s where it sits currently.”


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