Global Chat: Does SWTOR fail in the end for (Han) soloers?


As his name suggests, FibroJedi is a big Star Wars: The Old Republic player — but even so, he is not above criticizing the game when it needs it. He takes BioWare to task for not giving the solo player enough to do at endgame, even though he suggests a few ways to get around that.

“I want to play my main characters during downtime between expansions,” he writes. “I want to be able to reconnect with Talitha, or hear my grumpy Jedi Shadow being impatient with his fellows. But that just isn’t possible without redoing old content or forcing myself to get stressed in group content.”

Read on for more MMO essays on topics such as gathering materials, narrative, Phantasy Star Online 2’s console play, the joy of gathering materials, the deadliness of dungeons, and more!

Tales of the Aggronaut: Chunky robo ranger

“There is a huge part of me that wants to be playing Phantasy Star Online 2 since several of the AggroChat crew are currently enthralled by it. The biggest problem I have is that I know how good this game looks on a PC and as a result I am constantly confronted by how awful it looks on my base Xbox One.”

24 Hours In: Deathtrap dungeons

“During my first 24 hours of DDO I died three times – twice from running out of arrows and once from walking unwittingly into an extreme challenge dungeon above my level. I died more in every other game, even LOTRO. That lack of danger was likely a factor in how slowly I went through that run. Now? Now things have changed.”

Kaylriene: Why mainstream WoW content fits a groove

“From a lot of different vantage points, the idea that BfA was a bad expansion doesn’t really reconcile, and I think that is something that is worth accounting for. Something I try to avoid in my writing is invoking group wisdom, or trying to represent a broad stroke of opinion as objective fact. To me, BfA stunk – it didn’t sink the hook in early for me, and because of that, I bounced off of it for most of the expansion, never really finding my groove. For many of the writers I read, that was not the case.”

GamingSF: Gathering gameplay

“I usually gather on my characters with flying unlocked as it makes for very relaxed gathering gameplay. Zooming around a landscape feels like virtual tourism, diving down to gather and then soaring back up to carry on the loop. Very few creatures challenge my efforts and I usually spend a bit longer than absolutely necessary, 40 resources doesn’t usually take that long to gather.”

Dating Sims on the Holodeck: What do I want in a game’s story?

“Basically, I don’t like existential threats. I’ve long been of the opinion that, if a fictional antagonist is an existential threat to the protagonist (or their goals), then an equally weighty solution is necessary. Basically, a BS villain requires BS to take care of them.”

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End game content for the solo player.

Faction related and crafting challenges only go so far for me.
The thing that keeps me invested in a game as soon as I finish the last story mission, when all my npc friends suddenly vanish or become mute – HOUSING. A *good* housing system can keep me connected and engaged for a while between content updates. It helps keep me anchored between grinding out faction dailies. It’s where (particularly with EQ2) I can surround myself with symbols and trophies of my achievements in the game. I take pride in my home in EQ2, in decorating it, in making it my own.

In most other games, as soon as the big finale of the expansion or the patch happens, I find myself back at the current hub city, looking around and wondering what to do now. I’ll take a stab at some dailies, see if there is any cosmetic gear I really want to pursue, finish capping the crafting if I hadn’t already.
Then I log out and cancel my subscription until the next expansion or patch that adds more story content.

MMO’s need to add Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing gameplay as something to do between the great adventures. Add it to our ‘ol abandoned WoW garrisons. Let me give Qiana gifts and we’ll conspire to kick Millhouse Manastorm out of the garrison. :p

…actually now I REALLY want My Time At Portia the mmorpg. :p
But with dwarves.


Not really any content to do between updates anymore. Even back in the day the raids weren’t much of a hook because whilst fun they were short and easy to gear up from, even with the lock out timers.

Most MMOs seem to have raid/group content you repeat and/or dailies. With nothing else, and that is hardly inspiring or fun content to keep you engaged for one or two years. Even FFXIV which consistently has large free content updates still falls into this trap, though at least there is more of it between expansions.


It’s not a question of solo vs group, if you want to duo the game with another class with the same starter planet, you have to do all the planetary missions twice, the game only recognizes the instance owner so the more people in your group the more times you have to repeat the same thing so everyone can progress in the story, and if both people have the same class you have to do everything twice (you just defeated Bengal Mor, so now leave the instance go back in and defeat him again).

A fully voice acted story heavy game is expensive, they got too greedy and killed the cartel market, so they can’t really do much more than what they are doing now.

We don’t have a term for a game that is still live but with very reduced funding, but that’s what SWTOR is, it’s not in maintenance mode, but you can’t compare it with other AAA games.

Bruno Brito

We don’t have a term for a game that is still live but with very reduced funding


Castagere Shaikura

Whenever I played Swtor it was just for the class and world stories. Everything else I just got annoyed with.


To be fair, his name was really Han Duo but there was a problem with airport security.

Bruno Brito

(Han) soloers?