World of Warcraft offers up a new short story about a… poetry contest


Thalyssra and Lor’themar are about to have a poetry slam! Okay, not really, but in a new short story from World of Warcraft, the Regent-Lord of Quel’thalas takes a rare moment for himself to meet First Arcanist of Suramar in a contest of verse.

The story comes from author Madeleine Roux, the same scribe who penned the upcoming Shadows Rising novel, in what’s described as a story of two people who “set aside the troubles of their individual worlds to spend one beautiful evening in a contest of verse—and in each other’s hearts.” In other words, it’s pretty snuggly. For those who want a little free fiction from their favorite MMORPG, you can get your fill here.


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Zug! Zug!
Job done!

Bruno Brito

Considering Blizzard’s quality of writing lately, i’ll pass, and i hope i never ever read any poetry from them.


Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Bruno really hates Blizzard,
He reminds us on cue.

Bruno Brito

Take me to dinner and i’m yours.