Guild Wars 2 players have a wedding in-game after their real-life one is postponed


We all know that the pandemic put the kibosh on a whole lot of larger events, but we also have seen lots of smaller yet no less important ones get ground up by the event as well, such as weddings. One couple in Guild Wars 2 was a victim of such a fate, but instead improvised and decided to hold their own wedding in-game.

While the post refers to the wedding as “fake,” there were a number of replies pointing out that the event is near enough to the real thing as makes no difference. Or as one respondent put it, “Its not fake if you really mean it.”

The couple have posted a small Imgur album of the event, which looks to have been a private but no less fashionable and adorable affair. You can check those images out below.

Our (fake) wedding

Weddings aren’t at all unusual in the MMO space, but we never get tired of seeing them; here’s some more lovey-dovey stuff:

source: Reddit
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