Star Wars Galaxies Legends shows off Bespin, paves the way for Empire Day 2020

We're goin' to Cloud City!


Things are still being updated in the rogue server known as Star Wars Galaxies Legends in 2020, and the latest community transmission newsletter has compiled all of the things that are new and incoming. Of course, the newsletter talks up its recent update, which added a hard mode for the Blackscale Avatar Station and a Galactic Civil War Flashpoint system for easier to find and more structured PvP.

But what might be of interest to players and future players is a few sneak peeks at the planet Bespin in screenshot form and some early details about Empire Day 2020, which promises to have a variety of live events, along with new badges and collections. “Expect to see some different faces at our Live Events and you can count on us to deliver some new goodies that you can truly pay homage to your faction with in style,” lauds the post. Bespin doesn’t have a release date, but the player devs have been working on it for quite a while now.

You can download the latest newsletter from the official forums, and we’ve included a breakdown of the new content added in 2020 from YouTuber and friend of the site Napyet in the embed below.

source: newsletter
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