Magic Legends’ progression includes account-wide unlockable traits

Oh, oh, oh.

Previously, Cryptic’s been all about the deck building and actiony combat of Magic Legends but hasn’t given much information about how progression will take place in this upcoming game. Now we have a new dev diary that gives a basic outline about developing a character — and how it’s a bit different than your standard MMO.

For starters, some classes will be witheld at start, requiring players to unlock them through still-unknown actions. The details of this process will be given “closer to release,” although we can’t imagine that class locking is going to go over well with the community.

As players level, they’ll be able to upgrade primary, secondary, and utility ablities with greater potency or additional effects. Class perks come later on in a character’s journey to “provide class-specific boosts that enhance the character being played as long as they remain in that class.”

But perhaps the most interesting detail is the reveal of traits. Players will unlock a trait when it gets a class to the maximum level and can then slot that large passive bonus to any other class he or she desires. “Traits are more than a boost, they’re a crucial part of the player’s loadout. A clever combination of traits, artifacts, and spells can create devastating synergies and bring home the power fantasy of being a planeswalker,” Cryptic said.


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