RuneScape makes changes to the player-owned farm tutorial and Kalphite King in this week’s patch


The weekly update post from RuneScape this week is a little bit thin on things to talk about. That’s not to say there aren’t any new updates this week, but more to the point that it combines the weekly patch notes into its usual newsletter format instead of separating them like it usually does. Also, this week’s patch for the MMORPG does have a number of things going on.

A couple of the noted highlights from the weekly patch include passive effects certain weapons now applying their passives in the fight against the Kalphite King and the proper distribution of fruity mush to players during the player-owned farm tutorial, but the notes also run over a wide variety of adjustments and fixes as they usually do. For example, an issue that was preventing players from creating new clans was resolved in a hotfix, a glow for the shoulders of the Cerberus armor override set has been added, quickchat options for Marks of War has been added, and players can no longer schedule clan events for past dates.

The weekly update has all of the notes, along with the usual bits expected from the post and a look at some limited-time merch celebrating the 5th Anniversary of Prezleek’s first ever Baroo Cartoon.


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