Albion Online adds arena improvements, more solo randomized dungeons, and zerg changes


A new patch for the Queen update of Albion Online is live, and it’s basically providing a few adjustments to make life a little better for the game.

For one, this patch brings double the Fame for winning in the Arena, and healers will be getting an Adept’s Tome of Insight worth 10,000 Fame on top of their usual rewards. There’s also been some streamlining for Arena signup and notification UIs to more clearly illustrate each role’s daily rewards.

The patch also is adding more solo randomized dungeons in the blue and yellow zones of the game, making them disappear a short time after the last player enters and having a new dungeon entrance spawn somewhere in the world shortly after. This change is meant to give newer players greater access to the full dungeon experience while still allowing players to run solo dungeons together and follow others into a dungeon within what’s called a “reasonable” time window.

Finally, the patch makes some tweaks to its zerg mitigation; players waiting in a Smart Cluster Queue now contribute to the total Disarray headcount in the cluster for which they are queueing, while the overall curve for the Disarray debuff now accelerates more slowly. All of the complete details are outlined in the patch notes.

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