Ashes of Creation puts up a spectacular 4K video of raw gameplay footage


With Ashes of Creation’s pre-alpha ticking along and the NDA partially lifted, we’re starting to hear more and more about this upcoming MMO. It’s still a ways off, though, as the team hopes to arrive at full alpha status this fall, but there is evidence of a substantial game here beyond design documents.

Intrepid Studios sent out its May newsletter this week to sum up everything that’s been going on, from the announcement of a free pandemic statue for registered players to a discussion with the community over role sharing.

“We still have much more to show you all, so get ready for the next few months as we continue to pave the way towards Alpha One this fall,” Intrepid promised.

The team also pumped out an hour and 45 minutes of “raw” gameplay 4K video for you to absorb. Pro-tip: grab an unplugged game controller and mess with it while watching to pretend like you’re in the pre-alpha!

Source: Newsletter

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This is the next big MMO.

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Dean Greenhoe

Looking good.

Oleg Chebeneev

Reminds me of Shroud of the Avatar with slightly better graphics


The avatars in Ashes are 1000x better looking than SotA.


For some reason the pretty garish colour system really appeals to me.

Jo Watt

Since flying will be limited to Mayors/Kings or whatever of large cities… It would have been a little better to just show ground movement. I get that flying was to speed things up though.

Overall things keep looking better. Still a long ways to go but can’t wait to see how this works out.

David Blair

40:30 – “You now own this house”
40:45 – “Buyers remorse debuff now active”

Kickstarter Donor

Based on this video I wouldn’t want to tank or heal for Steven…

Dug From The Earth

At 4K you can tell they have scaled back on some of the graphical settings. Specifically view distances and object draw.

Reflections are lowered to use screenspace as well, which you can tell they try to avoid showing too much as they turn the camera to avoid it focusing too much on it, especially when flying on the mounts and the glitches of screenspace reflections start to show.

Still looks beautiful though. I just hope that at lower resolutions, those values can be boosted back up again. Low draw distance can REALLY break immersion, and is one of the big reasons why I dont play BDO.