Black Desert recaps the Heidel Ball announcements in a Twitter thread


You’re a busy person. You’ve got things to do, monsters to slay, countless upgrades to chase, and nodes to war over. You missed Black Desert’s digital Heidel Ball and all of its announcements and you want a refresher. Luckily, the game’s official Twitter account has got your back.

The thread offers some brief synopses of the new things heading to the sandbox soon, including the Hashashin class, the 5v5 Siege of Thornwood PvPvE instance, new breeds of race horsies, the ability for players to place a bounty on other players, a new high altitude region, and the specialized servers like the soon to arrive season server. The thread also promises a Q&A session for EU and NA players in the forums “a little later.”

Speaking of summaries, our own Carlo was on the scene during the Heidel Ball and has written his own recap of all the reveals, just in case the Twitter thread is a little too thin on details for you.

source: Twitter


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