Path of Exile explains changes to Brands and shows off new Brand Gems coming with the Harvest League

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We’re once again in that point in time where Path of exile is eager to hyper-explain updates that are coming as a result of a new League’s arrival. This time, Grinding Gear Games is focusing in on Brands, outlining a number of new Brands like the Arcanist Brand, Penance Brand, and Wintertide Brand.

There’s also some mechanics changes being done to Brand Recall in an attempt to limit the power of builds that rely on Brand effects applying without much input from the player. The cooldown on Brand Recall has been lengthened, though that can be adjusted through so-called “new avenues of investment,” and Brands will return to their original or recalled location when dropped by monsters, rather than the dropped monster’s location, putting a greater focus on Brand Attachment Range, and preventing Brands from disappearing into the distance to kill unseen foes.

You can get a look at Brands in action in the video below, and make sure to check out MJ’s Wandering Wraeclast column, where she goes over the variety of updates coming with the Harvest League.


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Dug From The Earth

Ive played a brand build several times now and they can be a lot of fun. These new additions look very interesting.

Not sure how I feel about the brand recall changes though. Having it bounce back to the original cast place seems like its going to make this a bit TOO micro managed of a skill now. Compared to other skills that you can just blast and have it chain or fly through everything on the screen with one cast, I dont see why they would make this require more work on the players part. Brands already have a build up time that requires you first to cast the brands and THEN use brand recall to move them.

The nerf making brand recall not refresh the duration is probably going to kill the skillset all together

With these changes, Traps or Mines seem like a more powerful, and less hassle build concept.

General response from the community is negative as well

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traps are on lifesupport and mines are by nature clunky to play. These are potentially big changes to the playstyle and power, but we’re getting a reshuffled passive tree and a rebalance of brand values + it should still be very possible to get cluster jewels