SoulWorker introduces a new high-level raid in its recent update


Yesterday saw the action MMO SoulWorker kick out a new update that has something for the high-level player: a new raid. Players level 65 and up can take on the Hidden Hideout, which features a boss battle that starts the moment the instance is entered. Those who wish to take on this fight will also need tickets from Deleska to be able to start the raid; tickets cost 480 BP and are limited to five per account a day.

Naturally, players who take on the challenge can look forward to some new weapons and equipment, while those who aren’t keen on this particular fight can still find something to do during the Sweet Flower event, which tasks players with gathering Candy Powder from raid bosses in a variety of locations to make event titles and Accessory Qube. There’s also candy jewelry to collect during the event.

For those who are curious about SoulWorker itself and just how it’s doing, a quick jaunt through the game’s subreddit has yielded a rather helpful response to the pros and cons of playing the game. That said, the same sub seems to have a pretty anemic post history by Reddit standards; take that to mean what you will.

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