Star Citizen alpha 3.10 will add a visual guidance path to landing zones


One of the things I’ve been chronically awful at when playing Star Citizen is finding the space port to land in a city. It often requires one to be extremely familiar with the city’s terrain, and unfamiliarity means players run afoul of restricted areas that aren’t always very clearly delineated. In this week’s episode of Inside Star Citizen, we get to see a solution that’s coming for alpha 3.10: a UI element that literally funnels players to where they need to go.

Once players request permission to land at a city’s space port, a HUD element will show up that effectively creates a tunnel that aims players directly to the space port to land, cleanly avoiding restricted areas in the process. In addition, there will be a HUD message that tells players when they’re near an ATC tower to open the comms panel and request docking permission. This will not only make arriving to a space port easier but will also eliminate the need for complicated restricted area meshes. This new guidance system will be in place for Lorville and Area 18 space ports.

The video then moved into another sprint report, where it took a look at some new layout and drag-and-drop features for inventory management, continued work on new atmospheric entry effects that can even be seen from the surface of a planet, a voxel-based fire system to make spreading fires, a new retail space for microTech, a preview of cargo decks that are due to arrive later this year, and ocean shader improvements.

source: YouTube

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Who in the world would imagine that in space faring civilizations as depicted in SC and ED that anyone would be allowed to manually pilot a ship into a populated area or station?

While it might make for an interesting ‘game’ mechanic, for me it is completely immersion breaking as it just does not jive with even today’s reality, much less what one would expect the reality to be in such a future time frame.

Joe Blobers

I suggest you have a look to real landing mechanic rather than game mechanic.

Landing in the middle of the largest city in Latin America!

Many airports have be surrounded by buildings over years. This is reality in 2020.


Quick and to the point episode. The atmosphere reentry effects look pretty sick watching it from the ground. Still a long ways to go.

ichi sakari

the guidance path is much better solution than the previous iteration, its good to see them figure this out but the constant iteration needed to go from tier 0 to fun and functional takes quite a lot of time

same for inventory management, the new approach looks good but it is obvious that it is very early in implementation

Squadron 42 - Star Citizen Screenshot 2020.06.01 -
Hikari Kenzaki

Landing at Lorville at night when the fog is thick is pretty darn rough. This is nice. Should be noted that they’ve already added some audio cues over Lorville when you get close enough to radio for a landing spot, which was much needed.