Warframe developer makes a donation to Black Lives Matter, promises ‘zero-tolerance chat policies’


We’ve previously covered the growing movement by games companies and publishers to reschedule or temporarily halt gaming events and livestreams, including the halting of the weekly devstream by Warframe developer Digital Extremes.

The studio has recently taken it a couple of steps further, announcing yesterday on Twitter that it will be making a $25,000 donation to Black Lives Matter. The same tweet also promises that it will be making updates to player systems to better protect against racist and hateful speech, including the introduction of “zero-tolerance chat policies.” These updates will be the team’s focus during the week, along with apparent issues within the Partner Program according to one of the dev replies in the forums.

sources: official forums, Twitter, thanks Sophiskiai!

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I think it is a good idea but I can already see a number of WF youtubers how this hurts their freedom to be complete douchebags. They will also unearth the dead old horse of a controversial chat ban in 2019.


DE just letting partners do whatever they want has been an issue for an annoyingly long time. I think pretty much everyone at this point agrees that AGGP needs to go. Not because he’s gay, of course, but because he’s a complete asshole and DE does nothing.


Actually, I thought that the rumor was that some of the bizarre “why do these even exist” Warframe augments were directly because of his whining. Such as the Titania augment that disables her ability to vacuum in loot in her pixie form in trade for a little bit of armor. Supposedly he’s famous for how little he cares about loot or resources, and he has a speed build where loot drops spend half the time chasing after him because he moves so fast.

I know for a fact that he was also *venomously* opposed to the idea of any kind of pet rework and especially universal vacuum. He has his crit-boosting cat, screw everyone else. (And since a lot of people think the cats are kind of overpowered, an honest pet rework might result in nerfing them.)

Dug From The Earth

And all it took for companies like this to start doing this… was someones death.

Kickstarter Donor

More impressed with the possible chat policy updates than the donation. Donations are easy, doing something is harder.

Now to see if it’s effective, how the racists try to circumvent it, and how determined DE is to sticking to their word. I hope they’re far more determined than the racists.