EVE Online’s Invasion event overtakes the galaxy while new ships approach


EVE Online’s galaxy is on fire — more than usual, we mean. As MOP’s Brendan covered last week, the Invasion event of the past month has spilled across the game map, with numerous systems being involved in a tug-o-war between the Triglavian Collective and EDENCOM. While CCP is very happy with how the event is progressing, it is keeping a close eye on the proceedings to make sure that things don’t fly off the handle.

The studio posted a FAQ that addresses some of the issues that players are seeing, including confusion over why Triglavian supporters can lower security response time but EDENCOM pilots can’t raise it. “The Triglavians are invading New Eden and their presence in our cluster is causing these changes,” explained CCP. “EDENCOM and their supporters are defending the status quo. There are no plans currently to change this dynamic.”

CCP wants to keep engagement with the Invasion event high, which may be why it’s planning two additional events for the rest of the month. There’s a daily rewards event that’s running from June 9th to 15th that will net you free skill points and booster gift boxes, followed by an event for the remainder of the month that will be tied into three new EDENCOM ships coming to the game.

Source: EVE Online, #2
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