The Daily Grind: Which lowbie MMO alt have you enjoyed playing the most?


Looking back over all of the characters that I’ve made in MMOs, I’ve probably spent half my time on low-level alts that never went anywhere. Yet that didn’t feel like wasted time to me; I had fun with them and occasionally got to see the game from a slightly different perspective.

Sometimes it’s just fun to create and play lowbie alts even if you have no serious intention of journeying with them to the max level. Perhaps it’s out of curiosity for the class, or to get a change of pace, or because you want to experiment with something different.

Do you have alts like this? Which lowbie character have you actually enjoyed playing, even if you’re not a level capped warlord?

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I’ve never been much for playing alts. I have my one main character. I’m not a fan of re-playing content unless it’s considerably different from my initial play through.
Playing an alt often leaves me with a feeling almost like resentment towards them, that they’ve wasted time I could have invested in my “real” character. Usually when I start making/playing alts instead of my main character, it’s a sign that I’m burning out on the game and ready to move to the next in my mmorpg rotation, or take a break and focus on a single-player game.

I’m more likely to play an alt in a game like WoW or SWTOR, where choosing a different faction will result in seeing story and locations I wouldn’t have seen much or at all with my initial character.

This all mainly applies to when I’m playing solo. I’m usually content playing an alt with friends, because the act of playing with them is more the point of it.

Sarah Cushaway

I had quite a few alts in the golden era of WoW and always enjoyed that.

But the record for me is definitely EQ2. I’ve had about 5 million alts in EQ2 over the years, back before it just completely tanked into the sorry state it is now :(


Age of Conan, of course, where the game ends when you leave the starter island.

Ben Stone

Right now I am just constantly reincarnating myself in DDO and it is a lot of fun. You keep getting more powerful with each reincarnation, but you get to start again as a completely new class / race each time and go through the levelling process again. No real intention to get stuck into the ‘end game’.

Hikari Kenzaki

I too had countless City of Heroes alts. For years, most of them only got to level 14. Then 23 seemed to be the stopping point. After a while, most of them did hit 50.

BDO is another game where I’ll create an alt, blast through to level 55-ish in a couple days and then never play that character again.


City of Heroes certainly holds the record for “Characters I created just because of a cool idea” without necessarily intending to *play* them. But of course, almost all of them ended up being played to max level… I’m not sure if that supports or undermines the “just to be an alt” thing…

SWTOR I have multiple alts of the same class to do the story differently. Most of them dead-ended at KotOR because I couldn’t keep doing that slog, but now that you can skip it some of them have moved past it now that their class and companions sort-of-matter again.

GW2 I’ve got a ton of alts to play with the various classes and elite specs, and the options in the personal story. Most of ’em get leveled up with the XP tomes you get for playing max-level characters though.

But yes, total altaholic here. Heck, I even had more than three alts in TSW, where there was literally *no reason whatsoever* to do that game-wise. :)


I think I enjoy making characters more than actually playing them. In City of Heroes, I had two *accounts* just so I could have all my characters on my preferred server. I think maybe… five of them were at the level cap. In Champions Online, I have almost 35 characters, and only one over level 25. In Swtor I have something like 20 characters, in a game where there really isn’t much point in having more than one for each class story. (*Maybe* two for the few where being Light or Darkside actually makes any real difference to the story like the Agent.) In Star Trek Online I have 35 characters, although they are all at the level cap. That’s more due to the fact that all but one are *years* old, and they’ve leveled up more because of the duty officer system.

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Dean Greenhoe

For me my alts are part of the overall experience. It is a way to experience the game from a different perspective with a new set of challenges. So for me to feel I got the full experience I create alts of a new class and race and height etcetera and sort of play the game again.


Like others have said, LOTRO is quite fun to play through those early levels. I have a hunter at lvl 40 now on the live servers and he takes up most of my time lately.

Bruno Brito

Right now, i’m loving my Guardian in LOTRO.