Destiny 2 took an hour and a half to blow up a ship in its weekend event

If you thought Destiny 2 might be the game to challenge Fortnite’s supposed “metaverse” status, well, we’re sorry to disappoint you on… basically every level. This weekend, Bungie ran its own sort of live event yesterday afternoon, as the warmind clashed with the big bad spaceship. Unfortunately, it took something on the order of 90 minutes to actually unfold.

Tried to get a time lapse of the Almighty exploding from destiny2

Meanwhile, the future of the multiplayer looter shooter is set to reveal itself during a livestream this coming Tuesday, June 9th, at 12:00 p.m. EDT. The broadcast announcement was one of the highlights of this week’s Bungie update, along with a preview of patch 2.9.0’s patch notes, a deep dive into the controller remapping features being developed, as well as reminding players of Bungie’s donation to the Black Lives Matter movement and the sale of returning Pride pins, with all sales profits going to the It Gets Better Project.


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Dug From The Earth

Bungie encouraged people to get in game 15 minutes before the event started so they wouldnt miss it.

Almost an hour of seemingly nothing happening… then people noticing slight missile trails in the sky moving slower than a snail.

Took it almost another 30 minutes for the missiles to get close to the ship, at which point there were tiny little explosion “sparkles” for about 10 min.

Then, a 60 second explosion and crash sequence that was mostly pretty cool.

It was a 90 minute event, that should have taken 15-20 min max. More than half the people watching it left after about the hour mark, and missed the actual explosion because it seemed like bungie either had technical issues having the event, or was just going to have it sit there sparkling in the sky.

Overall, id say it was a huge missed opportunity on bungies part, they could have done so much more, and had it go off a lot better than it did. Encouraging people to show up 15 minutes before even 1pm est, was just ridiculous.


It was just kinda really weird.

Like there was this attention to detail that oh an object that large wouldn’t just instant pop and explode it would take a lot of ordnance over a period of time to destroy it.

However there were simultaneously numerous things that just ignored that attention to realistic detail. The sun didn’t move at all because they wanted this pre-programmed course of visuals. How about the fact we literally use a space ship that can fly up into the air and space and here we are just chilling at home base? Like suspension of disbelief works if you don’t slowly drag someone through reality.

Over all it was fine. Not thrilling, but fine. The fact we’re 2 days away from a new season and we know absolutely nothing about it is also not great. That’s another “I get it but also this sucks as a user experience” kinda thing.

Tenthyr Adi

I’m excited about the new season. We know something is about to arrive, and they’re doing a sort of negative space hype. Knowing what’s about to arrive but the silence of said thing is… Deeply ominous.


Again I understand why they’re doing it, in addition to “negative space hype” as you call it there’s also more practical matters like any reveal could end up spoiling a large reveal they want to preserve as part of the game for Tuesday reset.

However 2 days away from a new league and nothing basically nothing about it is pretty crappy regardless. Not exactly like they riding high off a great season and we’re just excited for more.

Coldin Torrence

I like the idea and the explosion was really awesome. But it should have started at the time they announced, and only took 30 minutes for the whole thing to complete. Bright side I guess is that the super long timer meant that if you got kicked out, you never missed anything. :P

Anthony Dixon

90 mins isn’t bad really. Don’t forget that the rest of the game was available to play if you weren’t interested, and Fortnite’s Black Hole event lasted 40 hours, and took the game down, even for people who didn’t play the Battle Royal mode.

Dug From The Earth

except for people who didnt want to miss seeing it, who were encouraged by Bungie to show up 15 minutes BEFORE it started, to have to sit there for over 90 minutes before actually seeing much of anything actually happen.

Thats just poor planning on the devs part.