EverQuest’s Aradune progression server reportedly begins to stabilize


Last week we chronicled the issues of the Aradune progression server, which faced some massive queue problems at launch. About a week’s worth of time has seen things get a bit more stable, however, according to some community responses to a Reddit post about where to hop in to the game from level one.

“Aradune just came up a week ago and restricts people to 2 characters (you still see 6 boxers though, but a lot less),” reads one reply. “There are thousands of players leveling up at all level ranges right now.”

Another reply to that same thread actually warned to stay away from Aradune and join in on Mangler:

“Many of us have been doing the TLP server thing for a while. I myself am tired of the rat race, as I am sure others are as well. Every time a new TLP server comes out, it becomes exactly this. You miss out on what made EQ so nice in the first place. It’s every man for themselves, you’ll see the mass of Krono farmers that transitioned from Mangler to Aradune, cut throat style.”

In any event, it would appear that queue issues are all but forgotten, with players now setting up Aradune raid Discords. That said there are still at least one or two weird crashes happening. If you’ve been having a better (or worse) experience, feel free to share it with us and our readers.

source: Reddit

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Well come to Rizlona, it has been surprincingly friendly. There are more box teams than usual on progression servers (obviously), but from what I have observed they are behaving nice, no leapfrogging, no campstealing, no ks’ing. I am sure there are a few bots, but I have not seen any yet.


No, it has not stabilized. It has gotten worse. No queue but now you get 30 seconds of chat lag, 30 seconds on UI elements loading like /pick, and zoning takes 5+ minutes. It’s an absolute dumpster fire of a server and DPG has gone completely silent about it. I’m actually surprised you guys haven’t written a proper article or done some digging on this. Spend 5 minutes on the official forums or Discord and you’ll get a pretty clear picture of how unhappy many people are about this, rightfully so.

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Level 50’s already selling for $1000 each~


Complete bullshit. This is just false.


The Aradune server is pretty much unplayable between the hours of 4pm EST and 11pm EST due to lag and extremely long zoning times.
Check out the Aradune server channel in the Official Discord for the mood of players.

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Well there may not be queue times, but during this last weekend between 9am mst and 11:59 pm mst, zone times were around 5 min. This made parting very hard. Took an hour to replace 2 players in the hole with my druid picking someone up.

Chat was also delayed by 30 seconds. Tells showed the delay. Other chat channels including guild, group, ooc, say all showed up but verified over discord it took 30 seconds for others to see message. This makes groups very very hard if not on voice comes.

Don’t even mention trying to zone into POH in these conditions.

At least in zones seem ok.