Star Wars Galaxies fans debate Legends, PvP, the economy, and more on community podcast


When fellow Star Wars Galaxies Legends player, YouTuber, and friend of MOP Napyet asked me to join him for a podcast last week, I don’t think he quite realized I was going to talk his ear off for almost three hours, but that’s exactly what happened. Fortunately, Nap’s got editing skills: The final version of the show aired on Saturday morning and is up for everyone now in a significantly trimmed edition.

The broadcast begins with some backstory on Massively OP itself, but we quickly went off the rails to discuss our experiences in SWG and various emus and rogue servers, especially Legends, with topics ranging from soloing and crafting and midgames to combat and nostalgia and our wish list for the devs. We clash over TEFs and the economy too! There’s also quite a bit of chatter about the state of the MMO industry and which upcoming studios and games former SWG players should be watching. If you’re a Star Wars Galaxies fan, this one’s for you!

Thanks so much for having me on, Nap!

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