The Daily Grind: Do you bother reporting miscreants in MMORPGs?

I'm going to master letting this play instead of me.

Retired MOP writer and all around epic human Mike Foster (yo Mike!) recently tweeted about his days working as a GM for World of Warcraft, noting that the role taught him “that there are major RP geeks who sit in starting zones and report non-RP names en masse” on a daily basis.

This genuinely surprises me because reporting people in MMORPGs is usually a pain in the butt. Sure, sometimes you can do some sort of right-click-in-chat-report-and-done, which is the case in WoW, but most MMOs make it a little bit more difficult than that either out of poor design or in hopes of stopping report abuse. I might bother to block, but reporting is a whole ‘nother step of work, a whole 30 seconds or so where I’m letting some jerk live rent-free in my head and very likely only wasted my time as well as the time of whatever GM gets stuck dealing with the report, assuming it doesn’t end up in the circular file anyway.

I’d still probably report for really bad behavior just to do my best to help the community that follows me. But to sit there and report troll names all day long? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Do you bother reporting miscreants in MMORPGs? What sort of behavior compels you to do more than block?

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Seeing them cheapens the games I play.
I always report them.

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I haven’t played in MMOs in a good long while, but this column finds me wondering if anyone has created a character named Karen (or similar) whose sole purpose is walking around with their pet whilst reporting everyone for everything.

And to answer the question, similar to others here I certainly used the option but only when it was egregious enough to knock me out of my happy place.


Used to report bots, but not anymore because I have yet to see any action taken against those I have reported; and that is probably around 100 in various mmos during the years I played.

I assume most people here can recognize a bot repetitive pattern in a few minutes.
Whether it is because GM’s need hard proof (more than visual), or if it is because of “why ban a paying customer” reasons, I can’t tell.

Rolan Storm

Botting and harassment.

Especially latter. People become cruel under the mask of online anonymity (yeah, give me two stripes and big O). I saw it in TESO on big events. Popular dolmens occupied by people who start acting like they own the place and pretending they farm those spots on regular basis. Sending hate tells. Harassing newbies. Event gone and they vanish. My guess into another game they can befoul.


I will always report gold sellers, racists and homophobes because let’s face it most of these idiots are just doing it for attention so I kindly send some their way.

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Jack Pipsam

Really the only thing I report is spambots selling gold for IRL cash.
Which really that kind of thing should be caught on spam filters, but they always find a way.


Depends on what they’re doing and how hard it is to report them. Cheaters I’ll report any time I can. Foul language if there’s a quick report option I’ll do that, otherwise I won’t waste time.

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Brazen Bondar

I report. Your right to enjoy your game does not include a right to destroy my enjoyment of the game. Report and mute.

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I only report miscreants who piss me off to a notable degree with their douchebaggery.

I certainly don’t sit in game zones looking for things to be angry about, or people to report.

Anton Mochalin

I can’t imagine anything that could happen between people in an MMORPG (if it doesn’t go offline like swatting etc) that is worth reporting. Offensive nicknames? Racist speech? Hate speech? Everyone in my opinion has a right to express any opinions including non-conventional ones (and non-conventionality is so obviously different from country to country). Verbal offense? That is basically a part of online gaming experience, played Dota 2 for a couple of years, didn’t have any problem with that. If you want to fight such things the best way to do it is to just not pay attention because all those “toxic” people want your attention above all.