Black Desert delays season servers on PC, adds Margoria on console, as Shadow Arena sees 5K concurrent players

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Black Desert’s PC version is gearing up for summer, which means a deluge of events under the “Waiting for Summer” banner. Players will be collecting Fughar’s lost crystal shards and tracking down Jimmy Brooks. Pearl Abyss has also tweaked monsters in Star’s End and fixed a handful of bugs. The bad news is that the season servers, which were set to open today, have been delayed indefinitely.

On the console side of the game, Xbox One and PS4 players are seeing everything twice! No not really; they’re just seeing twice as much as before, as their world has doubled with the addition of the Great Ocean of Margoria (aka Magoria on console, it seems). You are a pirate.

“Today Pearl Abyss launched the Great Ocean of Margoria, a new region for Black Desert players to explore on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The region of Magoria, which lies north-west of the mainland, is a beautiful ocean filled with new treasures and life that doubles the size of the Black Desert world. […] However, take heed – it will not be all smooth sailing. The Great Ocean of Magoria is also home to a host of new monsters and threats, including sea monsters that, when slain, will reward Adventurers handsomely.

Finally, we were curious how Shadow Arena’s early access is doing, so we poked our noses in. While overall reviews are mixed, it’s got quite a pile of them, with the biggest complaints being about the game’s monetization (it’s free-to-play, but it’ll cost you quite a bit to unlock playable toons) and character balance. SteamCharts says that in the last 30 days, the game’s peaked at around 5000 concurrent players. PA is also teasing the next character:

Source: Console patch notes, PC patch notes, press release
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