Overwatch nixes hero pools from competitive play


Freedom! That’s the shout of Overwatch players this week as they heard the news that Blizzard is removing hero pools from the competitive play side of the game. Previously, hero pools served to keep the meta from growing stagnant and encourage players to try different characters. However, Blizzard said that this artificial restriction was no longer needed.

“We’ve found that the introduction of experimental card and increased hero balance updates has helped us work towards a healthy, changing meta in competitive play without needing to disable heroes,” the studio posted.

It should be noted that hero pools will still remain as part of the Overwatch League tournaments. Speaking of which, starting on June 13th the OWL is hosting a Summer Showdown series of tournaments to take place over the next month. The North American and Asian tournaments will share a $275,000 prize pool.

Source: Overwatch

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Emiliano Lozada

Can we finally get Hero Bans then like the tried and true method that practically every other esport does instead of beating around the bush and trying to “Blizz can come up with something special!”?