Magic: Legends shows off the process behind giving life to the land of Shiv


Despite the fact that the name makes it sound like a sharp implement destined to slide into somebody’s ribs, the land of Shiv is a place players will be exploring in Magic: Legends. For players of the card game, it’ll be a familiar name. Of course, it’ll be a familiar name primarily because it’s a land of volcanic eruptions, fire-breathing lizards, and vicious goblins, but a familiar name all the same. And now you can see how the area was brought to life with the newest article about the game’s development! Who doesn’t want to traipse about a sulfurous hellscape?

Of course, this also meant figuring out how the geography of the land should feel and what the various denizens should look like based on nothing more than cards… which led to a rather chaotic space full of geothermal vents, sweltering air, smoke, and crags. It’s not a place for the faint of heart, but take a look through the preview and you can’t say it doesn’t seem true to the source material.


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Hikari Kenzaki

So much I want to say…

but yes, one thing you can say about Cryptic is they do a good job by the source material they are working with on a project. Often better than a canon project (See Kelvin and Disco timelines in STO)