Warframe launches Deadlock Protocol, previews Protea and new Jackal, shifts TennoCon to August


Just in case three days’ time is too long for you to remember what Warframe is up to, consider this a reminder that the Deadlock Protocol is now available for PC players. That means all of the goodies covered before are arriving: new story for the Corpus, a new Jackal fight, redesigned Corpus areas, and a new ‘Frame. There’s also episode two of Glassmaker and a whole bunch of weapons and items.

Speaking of Protea and the Jackal rework, Digital Extremes has put together some video footage showcasing these featuring these aspects of Deadlock Protocol. You can check out the new ‘Frame and the new robot named after a doggo that looks nothing like a doggo after the cut.

Finally, the studio has pushed its digital TennoCon to August 1st.

source: press release, official site, Twitter

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What disappointment I might’ve felt that TennoCon’s been delayed was immediately countered by the “ship what we show” line, it’ll be nice not to see an exciting demo then have to wait 5-12+ months to play what’s shown – provided it releases in a decent state, which Deadlock Protocol has done!

Speaking of, the redone tileset looks brilliant and I really enjoyed the new quest :)
The new Jackal fight is… ok I guess? ~shrug~ As he’s the first boss new players face, the most important thing is how they find the fight, which I can’t speak to.

People felt really sorry for that poor little mini-moa who gets squished when Jackal arrives, the community named them Popcorn and DE responded to the outcry by repairing them and sending them to hang out with Clem on the roof at Iron Wake.

Some very welcome iterations to Glassmaker’s gameplay (resource requirements for trying the puzzle halved, missing a jump in the puzzle no longer autofails the whole thing), episode 2 is a bit more challenging and I’m really liking the lore reveals.


Warframe is okay but DE is 👎