Albion Online talks about the features of its next large-scale update


The Queen update of Albion Online has done pretty well by game director Robin Henkys’ reckoning, but as with every MMORPG, it’s always about the next update, which is the primary focus of the latest dev update video.

The video starts with Henkys touting the “massively successful” Queen update and its 13 patches before rolling on with a general features list for Albion Online’s next content drop. Among these new features are 15 new Avalonian weapons with entirely new spells and abilities, demon-infested Corrupted Dungeons, and the addition of Avalon Roads which provide shortcuts for travel and trade, as well as opportunities to discover new NPCs, resources, and locations to place a Hideout.

Additional dev talks are due to arrive in the coming weeks, while the update itself is set to land at some point by the end of the current seasson. You can get the general rundown from Henkys himself in the embed.

source: YouTube
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