Black Desert battle royale spinoff Shadow Arena adds new hero, bans cheaters


If things are getting a bit samey for you in the standalone Black Desert battle royale game Shadow Arena, then the latest update might just shake things up for you. The game now has a new hero by the name of Tagahl Sherekhan. And doesn’t he look just thrilled to be here. Look at him. I bet he gives great hugs.

In celebration of the new arrival to the Shadow Arena roster, players are being given a free account-bound Hero Selection Coupon between now and July 9th. There’s also a contest that challenges players to write a guide for Tagahl to win a free skin. There are ten top prizes up for grabs, but nothing for the runners-up, so make sure to create a good guide.

In other Shadow Arena news, the devs have shared a list of player accounts that have been found breaking the terms of service. The vast majority of the bans are for “Production, Distribution, or Usage of Unauthorized Program/Macro,” and all of those who were found breaking that part of the ToS have been permanently restricted from the game. Seriously, play fair, people.

The game is still showing a peak of around 5000 concurrent players during its early access launch period.

source: Steam (1, 2)

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You guys gotta stop bandying around the “peak” number because it’s a meaningless statistic. It’s like a company bragging it has millions of registered users.

The only thing that actually matters is average players which are roughly 10% of that initial peak you’re talking about. Yesterday, on a Sunday, had a 510 player peak.

The game is beyond dead.


But it will be in another month or so.


I mean if you look at the chart it only took a week for them to lose the majority of that peak number and then another week to lose majority of those left as well. Don’t need to wait another month.


That’s because the “game” barely qualifies as a game.

It’s like if you took out the Battlegrounds from WoW and made it into a separate game.

What’s worse is that the reason people “probably” played PvP in BDO, is because they could do it with their characters, you know, the ones they created, they like their appearance and spent some time leveling them up.

If you take that away and give them generic characters that mean nothing to them, they won’t have fun.

The whole idea for this game seems stupid.


You’re right, and wrong :)

Originally yes Shadow Arena was part of BDO. However they took it out because they couldn’t monetize it very well and more importantly also couldn’t do anything about the hackers in it.

However you couldn’t do it on your regular characters. You would become a black spirit and choose a hero you randomly found on the ground when it was back in BDO. You still had to find gear, unlock skills and the like.

The reason people played it was because you got pretty decent rewards. Instead of doing PvE to grind for loot you could do PvP and grind for similar but not equal loot as PvE. However with all the hacking that became a huge problem because Kakao/PA has zero GM staff to enforce anything basically.

So yeap, pretty stupid all around. Shoulda kept it in game and devoted the resources to fixing hackers/hacking.