Escape from Tarkov is getting a new map as it hits new viewership highs on Twitch


It’s been a while since we’ve last heard major things out of Escape from Tarkov, the FPS survival multiplayer game from developer Battlestate Games. The last major update from this shooter was in May when it wiped everyone’s progress, though there’s also been an update this past Wednesday that made a variety of fixes. That’s all well and good, but the game is getting something more substantial: a new map.

The map is known as Streets of Tarkov which, as one would expect, is a more urban environment overall. A teaser trailer shows off several ruined streets as well as some ransacked building interior areas. According to Battlestate’s studio head Nikita Buyanov, the new area is the most detailed environment in Tarkov yet, while the update that is bringing this map will also expand the Customs map by about 40%. A future update after the new map arrives is also planned, which will revamp the game’s skill system.

Escape from Tarkov is currently enjoying a high viewer count on Twitch as a result of a Twitch Drops promotion, with the fourth day of the event seeing 245K viewers on its category, and 243K viewers at the time of this writing. The drops won’t stop until this coming Monday, June 22nd.


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