H1Z1 launches Season 8, PlanetSide 2 continues tweaking its Colossus tank


We’ll call this the Daybreak news bundle: H1Z1 and PlanetSide 2 have both gotten some recent updates, so let’s break it down.

For H1Z1 players, there’s the start of Season 8, which as of this weekend has a season pass with 100 tiers of goodies, a variety of balance changes, and the introduction of a new Season Tokens currency that replaces Master Crowns. These new Tokens are earned by completing Season Reward tiers, unlocking duplicate items, or completing daily challenges, and can be used to purchase a Season 8 Reward Crate which houses a new outfit. Hey, at least it’s not dead.

As for PlanetSide 2, PTS adjustments continue on the Colossus tank; some of the requirements to craft the vehicle in terms of outfit size and crafting time have been adjusted, and the maximum stock has been increased from three to four. Because more tanks is more fun.


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A new H1Z1 season? HOW DID I MISS THIS?