Lord of the Rings Online’s temporary PvP server arrives this week


Are you ready for something a little different in Lord of the Rings Online? Standing Stone Games is but a few days away from releasing a time-limited PvP server that will pit one faction of players against another.

The new “Tournament of the Twins” server, named Bombadil, will go live on Wednesday, June 17th at noon eastern and will run for a little less than a month, with its final day set for July 14th. During this stretch, players will race to level up to 50 and earn honor for their faction by pounding other players into the dust and completing deeds. The server will contain the action to Eriador and will disable XP in dungeons.

The studio said that it will release more information about the special server early next week.

In our last LOTRO Legendarium column, I asked the question if these servers were a good idea, saying, “LOTRO is not a PvP game at its heart, and I’m just not sure that enough demand is there to create a populated server that can keep the thrills of PvP and competition alive after the day one crowd disperses.”


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Bryan Cole

It’s better than nothing. Being only one month, one can just make a character or 2 and just ho ham wild on pvp. It may surprise us and be a huge bag of fun, or it will suck. After it’s over if it’s amazing they can bring it back, if it’s awful, move onto some other idea.

Techno Wizard
Techno Wizard

“And my axe!”

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Ashfyn Ninegold

There’s always been a fairly vocal population that wanted real PvP, not MvP. But from my observation, it wasn’t really players interested in LOTRO, but primarily interested in PvP in any game they played. It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out.


But from my observation, it wasn’t really players interested in LOTRO, but primarily interested in PvP in any game they played.

I doubt that there were a lot of people who just wanted PvP because that’s all they played in other games and who were “not interested in LOTRO”. I used to play in large kinship on Brandywine, there were plenty of people in this kinship who wanted PvP simply because they were bored with the PvE and did not like MvP for various reasons (for example, some did not like playing as Monsters). They explored everything and done all PvE content but still wanted to do something in this game because they loved the in-game world and community. They were still interested in LOTRO, they just wanted more stuff to do in it. And considering the fact that it takes a very long time for any MMORPG to release new PvE content, the PvP was the natural answer for “stuff to do” for a lot of them, including people who socialized through RP and various events like music playing.

Vinnie travi

I just started playing Lotro again on the Legendary server and I am loving it. I have no real interest in a PvP server. I just wish they came out with a hardcore server that made the game more difficult. My only complaint is that the game is too easy 99% of the time.


Do you need to be subbed to do this?

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Java Jawa

If it’s anything like the legendary server I would assume so.