Lord of the Rings Online’s temporary PvP server arrives this week


Are you ready for something a little different in Lord of the Rings Online? Standing Stone Games is but a few days away from releasing a time-limited PvP server that will pit one faction of players against another.

The new “Tournament of the Twins” server, named Bombadil, will go live on Wednesday, June 17th at noon eastern and will run for a little less than a month, with its final day set for July 14th. During this stretch, players will race to level up to 50 and earn honor for their faction by pounding other players into the dust and completing deeds. The server will contain the action to Eriador and will disable XP in dungeons.

The studio said that it will release more information about the special server early next week.

In our last LOTRO Legendarium column, I asked the question if these servers were a good idea, saying, “LOTRO is not a PvP game at its heart, and I’m just not sure that enough demand is there to create a populated server that can keep the thrills of PvP and competition alive after the day one crowd disperses.”

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