Check out the player-designed battle mounts coming to Skyforge (eventually)


Seeing something you’ve created arrive in the game you’re playing has got to feel all kinds of special, so we feel pleased for the Skyforge players who won a contest that asked them to create a battle mount for Ianna.

In total, there were five winners pulled — three players of the PC version and one each from PS4 and Xbox One versions — who were chosen for “capturing Ianna’s essence so perfectly and creating some very interesting combat mount abilities.”

The winners are receiving 100 Eidos Replicators, which can be used to double the amount of Eidos gained during operations and missions, while a timeline for when designs will be added to the game is yet to be announced. You can check out the winning designs in the gallery below.


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I always forget this game even exists until I see a MoP article on it……Then I quickly forget again.


Unfortunately, despite all the excellent graphics, animations, combat – the game is in forever-alpha state with the progression not working at all (unless other players carry you through raids). I had a hope they’ll streamline it in 1.00 version but it’s 1+ already yet still dysfunctional.


The pidgeon, mount of the gods.

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This is nice, all MMOs should try to get the players to design something for the game and reward them, as i remember FFXIV have something like that, where the developers get ideas for armor and cosmetics from the player.


I’d like to have your optimistic outlook, but I can’t help feeling cynical about this. I see this as the developers running out of ideas and using the players to come up with ideas for them, for free, all while players are being excited they are taking part in something and instead are being taken advantage of.

The reason I think this way, is because I had a sour experience with an FPS called Ironsight, which barely received any content updates, instead it was mostly gimmicky events with ridiculous goals awarding temporary skins or skins and lootboxes being added to the store, they also on 1-2 occasions made an event where players had to design skins for the game, knowing how the company couldn’t be bothered to lift a finger, I knew they made it only, because they had no ideas what else to do.

That’s why this is the only way I perceive this.