Star Sonata 2 arrives on Steam as Wurm Online preps for Steam launch July 24


Steam’s getting a few new MMO options, namely Wurm Online and Star Sonata 2.

The Steam page for Wurm confirms a release date of Friday, July 24th, on the platform. MMO players will already known that Wurm Unlimited, the standalone version of the game, already exists on Steam, although Code AB has announced it’ll be scaled back in favor of this launch for the original Wurm Online; the update will bring with it a number of updates like an improved UI, the removal of player gods, the end of RMT trading, and a variety of visual upgrades. To celebrate the launch, players on both regular and Steam versions of the game will get to enjoy a bonus skill event. For those who have questions, there’s a Steam launch FAQ available to read.

If you prefer your sandbox with less earth and more stars, then Star Sonata 2 on Steam might strike your fancy. The spaceship sandbox launched on the platform as promised this past Friday as a free-to-play title, though a starter pack DLC is available at a 25% discount until June 19th. New arrivals to the title are encouraged to check out a quick start guide or join the game’s official Discord.

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