APB Reloaded is 10 years old as its latest owners are throwing a (gun) party


When I joined the Massively team in 2010, the first MMO that released during my tenure was All-Points Bulletin, at the time one of the most expensive MMOs ever made. Unfortunately, it was also the first MMOs that went belly-up during my tenure, as just a few weeks after launch the game’s original developer, Realtime Worlds, declared bankruptcy. Eventually, the game was bought up by K2 Network and rebooted as APB: Reloaded, where it sat for the better part of the decade not doing much until Little Orbit took over last year. And now it’s 10 years old – and still going.

“This June marks the 10th anniversary of APB,” Little Orbit posted yesterday. “Internally, we have been working on improving player experience by making the Joker Store a more powerful and accessible way to experiment with the vast range of unique gunplay we have here at APB, and while we move as fast as we can on the engine upgrade, in the meantime we have been making a concentrated effort to connect with our players.”┬áThe birthday festivities begin next week:

“From June 24th until July 8th, you can play non-stop gun games in the Beacon district. That’s right, we have a special district just for gun games, complete with festive decorations and an automatic rotation that will fire whenever there are at least 10 people available to play! Since these gun games are on demand, they will have a slightly smaller payout than we have done in the past (30, 40, and 50 JT depending on your performance) and there will be a special 500 JT daily cap for rewards earned in this district. This means that everyone will have a chance to farm up some tickets for the exciting Joker Store renovations we have coming our way.”

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