Path of Exile outlines overall balance adjustments that will be coming with the Harvest League


The steady thrum of information from Path of Exile keeps on keeping on, with Grinding Gear Games offering a general overlook at balance adjustments that are coming when the Harvest League arrives to the multiplayer ARPG.

Much of these adjustments were outlined in granular detail such as Warcries, Brands, and two-handed weapon skills, but the post also outlines other changes to dual wielding, boss stun immunity, new Keystones for the Marauder-Duelist section of the tree, and other passive tree changes.

There’s a whole lot more to the post itself, and full patch notes for the Harvest League update are expected today. In the meantime, players can at least get a full overview of the shape of the wider meta going forward beforehand.

Full patch notes are up now:


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