Steam Summer Game Festival: Gloria Victis Siege releases its first demo


Remember back in March when Gloria Victis’ Black Eye Games announced it was working with studio Fish Tank to release Gloria Victis: Siege, a survival game set in the same world as the MMORPG? That’s still happening, and during today’s Steam Game Festival, the studios have released the first public demo version of the game. They’ll also be on the stream today and will follow up with a Q&A session this coming Wednesday during the multi-day show.

You can watch the event stream over on Steam and scroll through the (admittedly super buggy) schedule to see what else is on the way. It’s heavy on indies!

Source: Steam, press release

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Dug From The Earth

Holy Demos, Batman

this is amazing. I love how demo’s are becoming a thing again.

Robert Mann

Steam fail… their list of titles bounces around when you try to scroll, making it impossible to actually look at the schedule. This is true in steam via the website link for the full schedule, and via the link above.

It’s like they don’t want you to look at the schedule. Maybe they don’t. “Spend all day on our stream to see what is actually being streamed per the schedule! Don’t look for what you actually care about, bloat our numbers!”


I don’t know that it’s on purpose. I’ve heard that they have a policy of “do what you want.” Someone wanted to make the page, but doesn’t want to debug it. “You fix it.” “Don’ wanna.” “Okay. Do what you want.”


Same happening to me.


Seems mostly fixed on desktop currently, at least in regards to that issue. But there’s a glitch in trying to view store pages for games on that page now I’m noticing on desktop. Apparently, if you click through to open a game’s store page in the next tab, then do that while the first page is loading…

It doesn’t load up the page you selected, but the first one–and same if you try with a third.

…. Typical Valve crap really though…