The Division 2 releases Title Update 10 but takes the season pass offline due to a bug


Title Update 10 for The Division 2 was released yesterday and it looks to have no shortage of things for players to check out. There’s plenty of new items like new exotic weapons and an exotic mask, new named weapons, new equipment, and a number of new gear sets. There’s the Operation: Iron Horse raid which will unlock for level 40 players on June 30th and level 30 players a week after, and there’s a variety of balance adjustments and gameplay changes as well — all in all, a pretty full update.

What isn’t available right now, however, is the game’s Season 2 content, which was added with the patch and due to begin on June 23rd but was removed from the game’s storefronts temporarily due to a bug that granted players who purchased the pass instant access to all of the Premium rewards. Anyone who purchased the pass and got the shower of goodies will still be able to keep them and will not face any bans from Ubisoft, but in the meantime everyone else will have to wait until a fix is applied later.

source: official forums (1, 2)

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Logged in and did the heroic project (turn in a bunch of mats, you should do it!) to get the free exotic…and another dupe. Slightly better rolled Chamelon which ain’t bad, but my super quick testing with it still doesn’t impress me too much.

I’m hoping I can find some builds somewhere for direction as I try out a few different things. Hoping to move away from my MMR/R sharpshooter full red build but still struggling to find anything that offers me that kind of burst/sustained damage that’s effective at all ranges (short/mid/long). Hoping some of the hybrid red/yellow builds will let me change things up a bit, just need someone’s homework to copy off of : P

Dug From The Earth

“Wow… some of those gear set bonuses seem pretty cool” said the players as they continued to play with their +crit chance, +crit damage +weapon damage sets.

The devs just dont seem to get it when it comes to balance. Until they can buff status effect damage and skill damage to a level competitive to pure weapon and crit damage, no one will ever use them in the harder difficulties at end game.

I REALLY want to use a skill build or a status build, but the damage isnt anywhere close to a pure damage/crit build. We arent talking mmorpg top dps chart differences here either.. We are talking massive difference.

For example:

A fully optimized burn build the focuses on AoE burn damage, with increased duration, as well as proc’ing skill overdrive as much as possible, can pull around 1/5th the damage of a pure weapon/crit build.

That means for every 1 million damage you do, a crit build is doing 5 million.

Its not even in the same ballpark.

None of it matters on normal, or even one level harder difficulty. But on much higher difficulties damage is king, and killing things 5x faster means being able to handled challenges that otherwise would be too hard.

Kickstarter Donor

Apparently there are some absurd skill builds on the PTS that were shredding heroic/legendary content. Status affects can do good damage, but they seem much more useful as CC overall. Plus, a lot of those skill builds offer up protections by not requiring players to be “out” and able to be shot to do their damage.

And honestly, builds only seem to start mattering at Heroic, which is the fourth hardest difficulty. Even Challenging is quite forgiving and allows for some truly terrible builds and players to still get through it without much of an issue. That difficulty is my happy place.

Franklin Adams

I use a skill build and with some of the changes I’m almost unstoppable by mobs up to about Legendary or so, rogue agents can still kill me but unless I Leeroy myself straight at a bunch of machine gunners I usually don’t have much to worry about. Give it a shot, you’ll probably be impressed with how much damage you’re able to dish out.