World of Warcraft: Shadowlands continues to roll through testing with new transport animations and customization

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There are some races that are still waiting on new customization options within World of Warcraft: Shadowlands’ alpha testing. But others are getting their expanded choices, and Tauren have finally gotten their time to shine with new hairstyles, horn styles, and even the option to have flowers in their hair. There’s also a new display on the character creation screen featuring individual classes having poses representing the class rather than simply static shots, which you can see represented in video form below.

Datamining is about more than just customization, though; it’s also uncovered element like new travel animations traveling to and from Oribos, the hub city in Shadowlands. There are also build changes, new models for mounts, and some new anima powers for several classes as well. While many of these changes may not be final, it’s a good sign that testing and development continues at pace for the game.

Source: Wowhead

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The entire revamp/overhaul makes so much sense, tbh i can’t wait. This will be the first mmorpg (that i know of) to completely reinvent itself after this much time. So many mmorpg’s out there need this type of housekeeping.

Sarah Cushaway

It’s not re-inventing anything. It’s adding a few animations here and there, and a few customization options that should have been part of the game 10 years ago.

Everything else is going to be the same as it has post-Cata: dumbed-down classes and linear, boring progression centered around time-gated grinding. Meaningless levels, gear you fly through so quickly you don’t even bother remembering the name of it anymore.

WoW is hot garbage at this point and new coat of paint isn’t going to stop the rot from spreading.


I’m talking about the level squish, new leveling zones, in how every expansion is self contained, i’m intrigued af, that’s taking care of a problem every mmorpg suffers from, extensive meaningless bloat.

As for dumb’ed down it is what it is, i mean have you ever read anything i’ve ever wrote, no one would be able to tell us apart. lol However it is what it is, it’s never going to change back to deep mmorpg like EQ2, because from launch it never was.

It’s a take it or leave it, I’m playing Retail and Classic, both have pro’s and con’s.

Bruno Brito

I think those look great and i get an Allods feel from it. I’m interested in how the 50- experience will be.


The animations of the new player models since WoD look like they came out of a Disney Pixar movies, and their facial animations are almost giving me seizures with how “overdone” they look.

Example of cringy looking facial animations:comment image

The old models while outdated by today’s standards have a lot more character in them and I would go and say are still superior to the new ones. WoW is at the point where they just don’t have any more ideas and are desperately trying to change and “improve” something to justify the existence of this upcoming expansion.

The game doesn’t feel like WoW anymore to me.

Malcolm Swoboda

I don’t see the problem with them, and the right middle face feels classic Warcraft cheese to me.


Pigtailed Gnomes are always an improvement though…


I think this is just pathetic.

Perhaps the suits feel so burned by the BfA story and content disasters that they have decided to not really have any new content at all.

Will this be the first WoW expansion that breaks the pattern of ‘Every other expansion is a good one.” and actually be another truly bad one?

So far, it feels that way to me.


You never really explained why you think this expansion would be considered bad?

Personally I am looking forward to this at the same level I did Legion (which I thoroughly enjoyed) just with a bit more skepticism given the bad taste BFA left.


I don’t see anything intriguing happening in this new expansion. Even the story feels like it was built around already mechanics that were designed prior to the story.

I stopped playing Retail as soon as Cataclysm launched and have tried it on every expansion since and I could never get into it, it just doesn’t feel like WoW anymore.

And since I keep following the story and what each expansion is bringing to the table, all I can see is the same old stuff – new zones and some new gimmicky mechanics. Even the new races and classes feel underwhelming and uninspired. For example Demon Hunter – that’s basically a Death Knight and a Rogue mashed together for extra edginess. And as part of the story, Demon Hunters were pretty rare sight, so lore-wise they shouldn’t be a playable race, but if you ask Blizzard, they would say “Fuck lore, long live money stacks!”.

The allied races are pretty much the old races just reskinned, the only new one is the little foxes, which I don’t even know where they came from.. in the previous lore of the game there was no such race, but it conveniently came into existence just for the expansion… how nice!

And not only that, but the only way to unlock them is to grind incessantly for reputation, meaning – doing something you hate for months just so you can unlock something you will be enjoying for like 2 hours.

Blizzard are literally out of ideas and are just prolonging the Retail version of the game as much as they can.

While one reason for them to release Classic was because they didn’t want private servers to steal their players, another reason is because with that action,they admitted they are out of ideas and their Retail game is inferior to the old version, so mediocre that they had to bring back the old game. And I like how they posted some news article about how they couldn’t make it, but some random guy at Blizzard magically made it all happen… ah, our hero, the savior of our people… by today nobody even remembers his name anymore. They even pretend like they can’t recreate Classic, but when the time comes, they recreate it like it’s nothing.

The last couple of expansions have been just rehashing of old things:

– WoD was like TBC 2.0
– Legion was like TBC 3.0
– BfA was like Vanilla 2.0
– Shadowland is going to be like Vanilla 3.0/Cataclysm 2.0 (in the sense that it will revamp a lot of old things)

The fact that they are also releasing a new starting zone for every race and class means they don’t care about their old zones, the zones are like the veterans who fought in the war in order to bring peace for the future generations, and in a sense, the old zones are what made WoW so fun back in the day, and instead of giving some love to the old zones, they decide to abandon them and pretend like they never existed with a new starting zone… Good call, Blizzard, you really nailed it on the head this time..

At this point WoW is an insult to its players and, I’m sorry if I sound harsh, but whoever defends the current state of WoW is part of the problem.


Way to many line items to list out all of them.

But one that immediately comes to mind is the migration of the rep grinds to ALL be like the Mechagon ones. Those actually drove me out of the game for good.

Everything I personally hated about the BfA (mostly everything) has been retained and expanded in this upcoming version.

If the idea is that they are going back to Legion quality mechanics and story, I think there will be great disappointment.

Sarah Cushaway

I’m fairly certain it’s going to be garbage.

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The male vulpera priest at 1:50 is worthy of desktop wallpaper. Much drama!