Black Desert’s season servers are live today on PC as mobile picks up gear awakening

At the boondocks.

Black Desert players were understandably bummed over the delay of season servers last week, so we bring good news today: They’re finally here.

“The wait is over and Season Servers have arrived to the world of Black Desert Online! Starting today you will be able to level up and develop a new Season Character in these special servers. During this Summer Season, you will be able to acquire new gear that can even be converted to regular gear once the season is over. Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in this new content, as the Summer Season will last only a few months!”

Kakao has stressed that only season toons can play on season servers, you can only have one per family, and you won’t be engaging in unfettered ganking as there’s no forced PvP. Season characters can also log into regular servers. The Arsha season server is still a few weeks out from launch as well. It’s complicated and you should read the patch notes and FAQ.

Over in Black Desert Mobile, Gear Awakening is live, allowing players to enchant their weapons for some of the newer endgame maps.

Source: PC patch notes, BDM press release

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