Defiance 2050 introduces some new community ambassadors to ‘strengthen the communication chain’


While players of Defiance 2050 may have been concerned by the sunset of the game on Xbox 360, it would appear that Gamigo is eager to support the online multiplayer shooter a fair bit longer, or at least provide its community with more assistance.

Gamigo has officially tapped four community members to act as community ambassadors. These new ambassadors will be responsible for fielding user questions as well as forum and Discord moderation, all in an effort to “strengthen the communication chain.”

All four members of the team have posted their own introductions, outlining their experience with the title and their eagerness to keep the game’s community upbeat, energized, and helpful. If you’re a member of the Defiance player community, it might be in your best interest to meet the team. As for the other MMOs under Gamigo’s umbrella getting a similar initiative, there hasn’t been anything announced at the time of this writing, but we’ll be sure to keep our eyes peeled just in case this is the start of a trend.


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Saxon Myers

Geez. This, Secret World Legends, ArchAge Unchained and Bless Unleashed all failed. I guess the takeaway is to not reboot MMOs

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Defiance 2050 didn’t reboot anything. It made a slight tweak to the progression system to remove the one semi-unique thing about the game.


I imagine this game has to have, like, 10 people left?
I hope they all got to be ambassadors so no one felt left out.

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Loyal Patron

Exactly what Defiance needs, unpaid volunteers who will explain that Gamigo has no plans to do actual content development for Defiance.


Is that like one ambassador per player?
Edit: Guess it’s more like one ambassador per 25 Steam players at least.