Neverwinter celebrates seven years with events, cosmetics, and pets

Oh, a thing!

It’s almost time once more for the Protector’s Jubilee in Neverwinter as the MMO celebrates seven years of operation starting on Thursday, June 18th, all the way until Thursday, June 25th.

This year will see a number of events like escort missions for players and guilds, a scaling skirmish event to protect Lord Neverember during a speech, and message delivery missions across the Sword Coast. Taking part in the event earns players Protector’s Bounty item packs that include Protector’s Figurines, Renown, and other rewards, and the more items that are used, the better the rewards get.

The Figurines and Renown can be used to purchase things like cosmetic items, an Abyssal Chicken companion (which looks about as awful as it sounds), a mace-handed gorilla pet, and a number of returning rewards.

Players won’t have long to wait to mark seven years of Neverwinter, but they can get a look at the goodies now.


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