PlanetSide 2’s Colossus update is live today – there’s even a new trailer


Here’s a fun surprise: Not only is PlanetSide 2 dropping an update today, but it released a brand-new trailer. Yes, a Daybreak game from 2012 got a new trailer. Here for it!

The update, dubbed Colossus, will patch in this morning; it includes the titular Colossus heavy tank, new guild logs, craftable facility modules for the war asset system, fixes for the Bastion fleet carrier, new infantry weapons, and a whole pile of other tweaks.

“The Colossus Heavy Tank, a massive, 5-seated combat platform, has been deployed to the battlefields of Auraxis. Capable of transforming into a powerful anti-Bastion Skylance Battery, a deployed Colossus emits a hardened shield bubble that can protect allies nearby. Advanced Nanite Transports (or ANTs) can also assist the Colossus by restocking its deployed shield with the Cortium that powers it.”

Servers are expected back up around 11 a.m. EDT today if all goes well. The trailer itself was released last night on popular PlanetSide 2 fansite Gamespot (:D), previewing the 5-person battle tank itself.

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