Red Dead Online disables the ability to spawn KKK members via cheats

Good job, guy!

Good news, players of Red Dead Online, you will no longer be getting attacked by hackers spawning the KKK on you. That’s a sentence a human being has actually had to type out in 2020, which should be indicative of the general character of this year. Hackers were spawning the KKK into the online game because… well, if you have to be told why at this point, it may be time to check Google and a news feed. Or you could just be reminded that people are terrible.

While the KKK shows up in the game’s single-player mode, the online mode does not actually feature the group of hideously small-minded bigots that would seem like a strawman created for fiction if they didn’t actually exist. However, certain hacks allow players to spawn pedestrians (or “peds”) using any models selected, which can also include the behooded models of the KKK in the online mode. (Those models are in the game because you need some obviously bad people to shoot in the single-player game and it’s 1899, so the other obvious group of bad guys won’t exist for another few decades.) The ability to spawn them specifically has been removed with laser accuracy by Rockstar Games, so the hackers attempting to ruin the game for everyone will no longer be able to do so in that specific way.

Dang it, people.

Source: Polygon
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