TERA’s latest PC update opens the Draakon Arena and adds the Partner Adventure system


PC players of TERA are now able to fire up the latest update to the action MMO, which as we reported earlier is bringing on a new dungeon and a new system that lets players send NPCs out on adventures.

The so-called Partner Adventure system lets players send up to three Partners per account out to various areas to bring back rewards like gathering materials, Skill Advancement Scrolls and Relics, and dungeon rewards. Each area has different goodies, so if players are seeking something specific, then they can likely just let their Partners do the hard work.

That’s not to say that players will stand idle, of course, as the update also introduces the Draakon Arena, a five-player dungeon meant for level 70 characters that pits players against azart force commander Kalligar. Naturally, there’s loot to be had in this instance such as new accessories and Resizing Stones to customize the abilities of the new accessories.

The update has also introduced some new hard mode Training Dungeons, a new level 70 PvP area, and some changes to classes, gathering and crafting, and more. The specifics are all written out in the patch notes.


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