Wild Terra 2 opens its beta up for free play until June 22

Sure. Fine. Great. Superb.

The developers of Wild Terra 2 would like you to play the game, see how much stuff has been added to the game in testing, and then pay them money to support the game’s development. What’s the best way to do that? Why, showing you the game’s development. Thus, the free play event that runs until June 22nd, inviting everyone to download and install the game and start playing away.

Players will need to wishlist the game on Steam first to get into the event, but once they do so they’ll be able to download and play to their hearts’ content as part of Steam’s game festival. And, you know, if you like what you play, the team will happily sell you a founder’s pack for the title along the way. So at least it’s a pretty straightforward set of goals and incentives, especially if you’re in need of something to do over the weekend.

Source: Steam

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… aaaand its down. Honestly it seems to be Wild Terra with prettier graphics and weather and a Z axis added.


I spawned in, gathered some materials. Made a stone hatchet. Another player started throwing javelins at me. I ran around them in circles. Apparently you can run forever.
I logged off and uninstalled. Game needs a lot more work.


Wow, that video… do anyone’s feet actually connect with the ground, or does every human and horse just magically skate?

John Mclain

Heh, did you see the horse centipede with 3 horses sewn together end to end that moved as one creature? Creepy. Anyway I was under the impression they had yet to launch the first Wild Terra game, or was that a cash grab and run game?