Blade & Soul demos Way of the Lightning spec as Korean version preps new class

Blade & Soul demos Way of the Lightning spec as Korean version preps new class

Players of Blade & Soul’s western version are in for a treat, at least if they play the Force Master, as NCsoft West has posted a dev blog all about the character’s third specialization, Way of the Lightning.

“As part of Way of the Lightning talents, you must choose between Dark Spark or Light Spark—this determines what skills are single target or area of effect and a few attribute differences. The chief mechanic of this specialization is charging Lightning Orbs and utilizing the state of Overcharge. The Lightning Orbs boost your Attack Power and two additional stats depending on selected talents. You can stack up to five Lightning Orbs using LMB. You won’t consume any Orbs while you use skills, and individual skills are made available depending on the number of Orbs active. When five Orbs are engaged, you will be in Overcharge, and there will be a meter that displays how long you have until the five Orbs vanish and you re-enter the Recharge state.”

Meanwhile, over in the Korean version of the game, players are preparing for the arrival of the 천도사 class, which even MMO Culture, which first reported on it, doesn’t translate. (Google translates it to Cheondosa Temple, which doesn’t seem quite on the nose). It looks like an astrology-magic type of caster class for the Lyn, as users will be wielding two facets of the heavens for damage and defense.

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